Baboon is an eco-focused startup. Our first product is a cause-based iPhone game that spreads awareness on the captive wildlife crisis and contributes to a sanctuary for rescue animals. Educational information on the captive wildlife crisis can be found within the game and in our blog. 

Our blog will cover a range of animal-related ecological issues, from the captive wildlife crisis, to wildlife trafficking, invasive species, deforestation, habitat loss, factory farming, commercial whaling, shark finning and overfishing. 


Baboon is a casual point-and-shoot action title for the iPhone. Players take on the role of a baboon who must protect animals from poachers using a bow-and-arrow.

From rhinos and elephants in the jungle to polar bears in the Arctic, baboon must protect various wildlife from mischievous poachers. 

Motorcycles, helicopters, cannonballs and jump-stilts are among the poacher's sneaky attempts to evade arrows. 

Dynamic & 
fun rushes of animals on 30 stunning habitats. Animal-poacher combinations increase in speed & complexity as players advance. 

Stellar graphics & casual point-and-shoot gameplay combine for a magical gaming experience.

Baboon is 100% indie with no outside investors or publisher. The game also has no in-app-purchases or advertisements :)

Press Kit

Press Kit

Writers, Journalists, Bloggers

We have produced a single, consolidated Press Kit for easy writing. You'll find a factsheet, story, launch trailer, gameplay videos, behind the scenes, and more!




Michael Sarill
Art Director
Jiyoun Lee-Lodge
iOS Developer
Oleg Chornenko
Level Designer
Justin Jordan